Shouldn’t Your “Dream Home” Support Your “Dream Life”?

I believe that we need to expand our definition of “Dream Home” from “A home that looks good” to “A home that helps you live the life you want.”

I believe that the life and home you really want may not be quite what you’ve expected.

I do home tours with heart. I interview people who have made an unlikely choice that helps them live their life according to what’s important to them, and I take pictures of them in their homes. Because why would you even want the house if you don’t want the life that happens there?

Maybe your dream home and your dream life don’t look like you thought they would.

Maybe realizing that will feel incredibly freeing.

Life in a Tiny House Ebook cover
Whether you’re curious about living in a tiny home yourself, or you’re interested in finding ways to make your home support what’s most important in your life, these stories will educate and inspire you to see housing in a whole new way.

Check out “Life in a Tiny House”

A Master Suite Or An Annual Month of Vacation?

A Master Suite Or An Annual Month of Vacation?

Everybody on House Hunters seems to want a master suite – a bedroom connected to a private bathroom, with an optional fancy walk-in closet that sometimes connects the two spaces. But would you choose an extra-private bathroom over almost a month of vacation every year? Because my math says that’s just about what it costs. Read more…

Who Should I Interview?

I get excited about interviewing the kind of people I hear about and think, “Well, nobody ever told me I could grow up to do that!” Want to know more about the life or home of someone who inspires you, or want to raise your hand and volunteer yourself for an interview? Contact me!

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What You Can Learn From Tiny Home Owners… No Matter Where You Call Home