Hi, I'm Billy

Hi there.

My name is Billy Ulmer. I’ve been interested in houses since I can remember, but for most of my life, I’ve been going at it backwards.  I’d see a beautiful house and think, “I want to live there.” But organizing my whole life around recreating the pretty pictures of homes I loved didn’t help me pursue my real interests and aspirations, or make me any happier. That only happened when I started asking, “What kind of life do I want to live, and what kind of home supports that?”

I still love to look at interesting homes, but what I love even more is finding out what’s often missing from the photos: understanding the people who live there, what their life is like, and why that home works for them. I have a lot more to say about that in “Why Do We Love To Look At Homes?”

I started by visiting 10 tiny houses around America and interviewing the people who live there, then writing an ebook about their stories called Life in a Tiny House. But I’m interested in all kinds of lives, and all kinds of houses.

I’m lucky enough to work with the women of PAD Tiny Houses, who have introduced me to several amazing people finding unlikely ways to live the lives they want. My work has been seen on Boingboing.net, ChrisGuillebeau.com, Treehugger, Tiny House Blog, and Tiny House Talk, where I’m a recurring blogger.

I live in Portland, Oregon, but want to slowly scour the country to share stories and photos of people who have made unlikely choices to focus their lives on what’s most important to them, and see how they bring it all back home.

Is there someone you know or follow online who’s doing something unexpected? Someone whose life or work inspires you? Or maybe there’s a home you’ve seen that looks so cool you’ve just got to know who lives there and what their life is like? I’d love to hear your suggestions of who I should visit with.  I am all ears.

Unlikely choice on your mind? Know someone I should talk with?

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