What's It Really Like To Live In A Tiny House?

The “Life in a Tiny House” Ebook

Curiosity about tiny homes is exploding, yet it’s still hard for most people to wrap their heads around what it’s like to live in one. Isn’t it just too kooky, too risky, or too hard?  Not once you see it through the eyes of the people who already call tiny houses home.

This ebook is a collection of stories and advice to inspire people to take action on their own tiny house dreams, and to think differently about the way our homes can help us lead lives we love. It features over 200 pages of photos and interviews with people who live in tiny homes, discussing questions like these:

  • Why did a tiny house feel right to them?
  • How did they go about designing, building and moving in?
  • How has their home changed their life, now that they’ve been living there for a few months or a few years?

It also shares why tiny houses aren’t as “extreme” as some might think, offers useful perspectives on how people overcame the challenges in their own journeys, and recommends practical steps to help anyone create some of the benefits of tiny house living, no matter where they call home.

Why I Wrote This Book

When I started working with Dee Williams of PAD Tiny Houses, I thought the tiny house community was missing something. There was so much support to help people overcome the technical challenges of building a tiny house, but so little available to help people understand whether a tiny house was right for them, or to overcome the very real emotional challenges of the process. Even choosing a conventional house is a little scary! Choosing a tiny house adds the complexity of a murky legal situation, and a whole mess of cultural expectations about what kind of homes we “should” aspire to.

It reminded me of the kind of “unlikely choices” I’ve made myself – choices that I know are right for me, even if other people don’t understand them. What made it easier for me was relating to people who had already done the scary thing I wanted to do, and really understanding how it affected their life. That’s the resource I wanted to provide for the tiny house community. I have some more to say about it here.

So I drove and flew all over America to visit people in the houses they designed or built, and took pictures of them and their homes. I designed the book to give you the feeling of being right there with me, meeting the amazing people I met, and learning that building and living in a tiny house isn’t nearly as risky, hard or kooky as it might feel.

A New Way To View Home

Choosing a home is a huge decision, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or stuck. I wrote this book to show you that you have more options than you think. Whether you’re curious about living in a tiny home yourself, or you’re interested in finding ways to make your home support what’s most important in your life, this book will educate and inspire you to see housing in a whole new way.

“I wish this book had been available years ago, when I dreamed of designing and building my own small house. It would have been like gasoline on a fire, driving me toward something I didn’t yet fully understand. Although there’s plenty of great information and gorgeous photos throughout, “Life in a Tiny House” offers insight far beyond a how-to book or picture album. Through personal stories, written in an almost live-time interview style, the reader is invited into the conversation, and into their own dreams of a life worth living.”

Dee Williams, PAD Tiny Houses

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